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pet_supplies's Journal

pet supplies. Buy, give away, sell, or trade
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Buying, selling, looking for, giving away, and trading supplies for pets.
This community is for buying, selling, giving away, or trading any kind of pet supplies from toys, to water and feed racks/bowls/troughs, to cages, carriers, houses, playpens, etc.

If you have anything you'd like to trade, sell, or give away, please make a post about it. Please put in the subject line, that you want to get rid of items, by either selling them, giving them away, or trading them for something else. State what you're willing to take for the trade if you're trading them. Then, in the body of your message, say what the items are with as much detail as possible. Put pictures, if you can, because I know that some people like that sort of thing. I will put your entry in to the memories, so that people can find you by simply going there and looking through the list of things that people would like to get rid of. The same goes for what you're looking for. If you're looking for something, post what you'd like to find, again in as much detail as possible. That way, people can find your entry easily, once I put it in the memories, and they can comment on it, if they have something you might be interested in. This will make it easier for people to get the things they want, with out having to go back through the entire journal. If you are looking for something, please check the memories for the items that people want to trade, sell, or give away. I'll probably make the memories in to these three catigories. That way, if people have no money, they can just check the memories for things that are being given away. Please do check the memories though, before posting and saying that you're looking for a medium sized dog collar, when there might already be three of them in the memories. If you don't find what you're looking for in the things being given away, check the items that people are willing to trade, or sell. Once you have successfully gotten rid of your items, please post about it. That way, I can move your entry to the catigory of things that have already been gotten rid of. This will serve a couple of purposes. One: It will show that you do follow through on sending out your stuff and that you are responsible in that regard. 2. If people are happy with your items, then that means you are trustworthy, which is a plus. Feel free to post about any items you have recieved with any feedback at all.

This community is strictly for getting rid of pet supplies alone. If you have a pet you would like to get rid of, please use the other communities for that sort of thing. There are a ton of them, who are willing to take rescue pets, that sort of thing. I'm not trying to be mean. I would just like to keep this community to pet supplies only. If anyone has any reason as to why I should change this, let me know what your reason is and the other maintainer, Herbie or I might consider it.
Note, the maintainers can not take any responsibility for any transactions that take place in this community: however, if someone proves to be untrustworthy they will find them selves removed and blocked from the community. Please, if you wouldn't sell or give away your product/s to your best friend, don't get rid of it here. Don't say that you have a dog toy you'd like to sell and someone buys it and it's all shredded and the consistancy of a cotton ball. I expect everyone to be honest when looking for or getting rid of items. Please let me know if anyone is untrustworthy and I'll do my best to stop it.
Any trolls will also be removed and blocked without any warning.
Subsequently, if there are too many trouble makers, the maintainers will take appropriate action.
This community is strictly a service and the maintainers do not get any profit from this.
If you should have any further questions feel free to ask me.